21 July 2023 Visited to Mayor of IshigakiCity, Okinawa
19 June 2023 Tenmoku tea bowl using the volcanic ash of Pinatubo
20 October 2022 I visited the Guimet Museum. Introducing the works on display.
10 May 2022 Masayo and Haruhiko KANEKO were selected as full member of Société nationale des beaux-arts, SNBA.
3 May 2022 Return OKINAWA 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition "Ryukyu"
24 April 2022 Opening ceremony at Pinto Art Museum
13 November 2021 Ishigaki City Hall has been renewed. Design is KENGO KUMA who is international architect.
20 April 2021 Ishigaki-yaki・Pinatubo tenmoku tea bowl was donated to Pinto Art Museum
23 July 2019 Ishigaki-yaki・Pinatubo tenmoku tea bowl was donated to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
22-26 May 2019 Salon Revelations-Grand Palais(France)
16 March 2019 Two artworks became collection of Designmuseum Danmark(Denmark)
8-10 February 2019 The 90th birthday of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace Commemorative Exposition 13 ème RENCONTRE ARTISTIQUE MONACO-JAPON 2018 (Principaute de Monaco)
18 December 2018 A courtesy visit to The British Museum
13-16 December 2018 Le Salon des Beaux Arts 2018
12 December 2018 A courtesy visit to the Guimet Museum
7 October - 18 November 2018 Solo exhibition、traveling exhibition、at gallery Chiayi Haohaus in Chiayi City, Taiwan
22-30 September 2018 Visited Mongolia for child support (Child care facility, Disabled child institution, etc.)
22 June 2018 One artwork included in the public collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
24 March 2018 "400 YEARS OF Japanese Ceramics "Attended the opening ceremony and the gala dinner.
22 March 2018 Two artworks by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the public collection of the Guimet Museum
2~4 March 2018 Participated in the '12 ème RENCONTRE ARTISTIQUE MONACO-JAPON 2018'
5 February 2018 Received a letter of appreciation from Mr.Battsetseg, Deputy Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia
18 January 2018 Mr. Tetsuma Esaki, the Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs, visited Ishigaki-yaki Pottery.
15 January 2018 Made a courtesy call on the mayor of Ishigaki
December 2017 THE HARUHIKO KANEKO ART EXHIBITION, organized by Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Mongolia, was held to mark the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan.
20 September 2017 Two artworks by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the public collection of the British Museum
11-30 September 2017 LA Galerie TIAGO
5 September 2017 Donated ≪ Silent Blue Wall (128 works) ≫ made with Mongolian and Japanese clay at the ".Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture".
Awarded the title of honorary professor
5 September 2017 International Volunteer Network Support for Mongolian Children (IVNMC), 29 Hearing Impaired School ・ Ceramics Classroom Donation Ceremony
17 July 2017 Happy Blue Necklace(Silver Chain)
14 June 2017 Happy Blue wall ( donated work) unvelling ceremony ( Mongolia Japan Human Development center)
Commemorating the 45 th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Mongolia Embassy of Japan in Mongolia
6-8 June 2017 Children’s experience ceramics class finally realized in Mongolia
29 May 2017 This article appeared in Ryukyu shimpo.
4 May 2017 Introbuced by RBC THE NEWS
3-8 May 2017 Salon Revelations (France)
3-8 May 2017 Salon Revelations
March 2017 Art Maison:Art Maison Selecting Committee
2-7 February 2017 COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery,DUTKO GALLERY London( London,England)
December 2016 Salon de la SNBA2016(Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts)
28 November 2016 An article about six-man exhibition in Lyon appeared in the Okinawa Times Newspaper
05 November 2016 - 14 January 2017 Six-man Exhibition @ Gallery Atelier28 (Lyon, France)
November 2016 An artwork by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the collection of York Museum in UK
November 2016 The Top 5 winners of the Miss International Beauty Pageant 2016 joined our pottery workshop
9-11 September 2016 Reflecting on the Ceramic Art York 2016 organized by Craft Potters Association in partnership with York Museums Trust
23 June-5 August,2016 DUTKO GALLERY LONDON
30 March - 3 April,2016 PAD PARIS ART+DESIGN
17-20 Dec, 2015 Double triumph for Haruhiko Kaneko: artist wins Jury and SNBA Prizes for installation at the Salon de Societe National Des Beaux Arts 2015
17-20 Dec, 2015 Salon de la SNBA2015(Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts)
19 Sept, 2015 Reflecting on the 2015 Salon Revelations
9-13 Sept, 2015 Salon Revelation au Grand Palais 2015
July 21, 2015 Happy Blue Wall designated Japanese national property
3-5 July,2015 The 21st Art in Clay Hatfield 2015
8-13 June 2015 Haruhiko Kaneko Exhibition ? Gallery GK / Ginza Tokyo ?
1 May -31 Oct. 2015 Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion
17-26 Feb, 2015 Haruhiko kaneko Solo Exhibition held at Villa Bagatelle,Marseille
16-30 September, 2014 Haruhiko Kaneko Solo Exhibition held at Galerie Le Pres Au 6, Paris An exhibition of artwork by Haruhiko Kaneko...
2-13 September, 2014 Haruhiko Kaneko Exhibition held at Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris (Japan Foundation).
November 16, 2013 Artworks by Haruhiko Kaneko included in the Kawamura Collection of Shimonoseki City Art Museum
September 11-15, 2013 Exhibiting at Salon REVELATIONS ? GRAND PALAIS, Paris
November 8-11, 2012 Exhibiting at SALON INTERNATIONAL DU PATRIMOINE CULTUREL, Paris
2011-2013 Exhibiting at MAISON & OBJET (Hall 4, Craft) for three consecutive years
September 29, 2010 Exhibiting at World Heritage Site Nikko Tosho-gu